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Customizing Implant Placement

Customizing Implant Placement

Customizing Implant Placement


The use of virtual reality (VR) technology has greatly improved the ability to perform hip surgery, particularly orthopedic surgery such as hip replacement aiding in precise implant placement. Surgeons may now put implants precisely according to the anatomy of each patient, thanks to this revolutionary technology that helps them achieve better results.

Femoral Stem Placement

Conventional hip replacement techniques frequently overlook the diverse nature of human anatomy and often use standardized implant placement. Conversely, surgeons may now digitally position the femoral stem with unmatched precision, thanks to VR technology. Surgeons can maximize implant longevity and functionality by adjusting for changes in bone form, length, and curvature.

Femoral Head and Acetabular Cup Placement

With VR, you can now customize the location of the acetabular cup and femoral head, which are essential parts of reestablishing hip joint biomechanics. Using VR training, surgeons may precisely align these parts according to the individual anatomy of each patient. This improves the implant’s long-term durability while also guaranteeing immediate postoperative comfort.

VR Training

VR training is essential for successful hip replacement operations. Virtual reality training platforms offer surgeons a risk-free and immersive environment in which they may regularly perform the whole surgery. Surgeons gain confidence from this as well as improved surgical proficiency, especially when handling complex patients.

XR Revolution in Medical Training

ARVR-Sol as a leader in providing AR, VR, MR, and XR solutions offers simulations that closely resemble the operating room environment by smoothly integrating virtual and augmented reality. When it comes to preparing surgeons for the intricacies of doing patient-specific hip replacements, XR training is crucial, from basic skill development to sophisticated surgical procedures.

Enhanced Surgical Planning

One example of improved surgical planning is the use of ARVR-Sol’s extended reality solutions in patient-specific surgeries. Surgeons are able to preoperatively view and practice the entire procedure by using VR simulations that are based on imaging data specific to each patient. This proactive approach makes it possible to recognize possible problems and optimize implant placement techniques.


With VR training and advanced XR technologies from companies like ARVR-Sol, not only can surgeons elevate their skills, but also the device manufacturing companies can market their devices without the need of having to carry them for demonstration. Thus, virtual reality paves the way for customized solutions in the intricate landscape of most surgeries like hip replacement surgery. The future of patient-specific implant placement is not just a vision; it’s a tangible reality forged by virtual reality’s transformative influence.

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